VoIP Solutions
VoIP, or Voice over IP, is an internet based telephone system. With low-cost calls or inclusive call bundles, and being more reliable, versatile and robust than traditional fixed lines, moving to VoIP is the smart choice for forward looking businesses.
Cutting edge technology means that VoIP works the way you want it to and unsurpassed voice clarity means you’ll be heard whenever and wherever you need to be. Our mobile apps mean that your business calls are no longer restricted to your office and you can literally work from anywhere you want to.
The most flexible and adaptive telephony solution available.

Lines and Calls
We can provide the following lines and calls services, in a package designed especially for your business:

  • Traditional analogue landlines
  • Low cost line rentals
  • Low cost call rates or inclusive call bundles
  • Great customer support and service

Telephone Systems
We work with leading manufacturers to supply, install and maintain traditional PBX systems. Our experienced specialists work closely with you and offer tailored advise and support. Whether understanding your requirements, recommending the best solution, or installing and maintaining it, you’ll always be in safe hands. With access to multiple field engineers and nationwide coverage, you’ll receive the best service anywhere in the industry.

Inbound Call Management
Our virtual solutions will help to reduce your call management stress and ease the pressure on front-line employees. Our inbound call managements offers a suite of web-based, inbound call control functions which use virtual numbers that can simply point at any telephone number. Place callers in a queue; capture caller information at the touch of a button; monitor call statistics and manage high call volumes by routing traffic appropriately are just some of the unique features we can offer.

Fraud Protection
It’s a sad fact that telecommunications fraud is on the increase, costing UK business over £1 billion a year and becoming the largest source of fraud across the UK.
Here at Zero Seven we constantly monitor your phone lines to look out for any strange calling patterns to premium rate numbers or high levels of calls to known fraudulent destinations. If we detect suspicious activity, we will prevent any further occurrence by placing restrictions on the line which will allow for remedial telephone system maintenance. We can even help cover the cost of up to £5000 for each fraudulent incident!